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OK, so this turned in an unexpected direction - when I loosened the bolts of the starter some water started running out I when I completely removed it I found this: Somehow water got into the starter area and the pinion rusted in the extended position. That of course explains why I couldn't hear or feel the solenoid engaging. I took it in to bench test it ...


I am thinking you are measuring reference voltage to an A\F O2 sensor. Reference voltage is usually between 2.5 and 4 volts. If there are 4 or more wires, this is most likely the case. Also A\F sensors don't oscillate like traditional sensors.


An AGM battery is a lead acid battery, it's best to not go too far down the rabbit hole of comparing a regular liquid electrolyte battery to AGM, there's no practical difference when you are measuring voltage/state of charge. There is tons of misinformation floating around the web once you start reading about AGM's. Measuring the voltage of a battery only ...


Yes, you CAN use a 15 or 20A rated capacity diode for a 10A circuit. The current rating of a diode is the MAXIMUM that it's rated to carry without damage. As long as your diode is rated >= 10A you are ok. Keep in mind that at 10A, you will have significant power dissipation in the diode. For example a typical forward drop for a diode is 0.6V. So 10A x ...

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