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Mazda 3 (1.6 L 4EAT - BKL3 Z6) Vacuum Line for Sea Foam

You could try using a device like the one below to spray into the throttle body. It uses compressed air rather than aerosol propellants, and so is safer for the environment and likely available in ...
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Mazda 3 (1.6 L 4EAT - BKL3 Z6) Vacuum Line for Sea Foam

I would not use the vacuum line shown in your picture. The reason being, it looks to be plumbed off of only one intake runner (supporting a single cylinder). While this would work good for a vacuum ...
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How do I locate a vacuum hose in 1993 Buick Regal for heating system

If i remember right there is a vacuum solenoid box under the dash on the passenger side, they are notorious for the hoses and connectors inside the box to disintegrate, you can open the box and re ...
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Replace discontinued evap line?

Yup, you can replace it with generic hose.
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Identify vacuum hoses at rear of intake manifold on 2003 Cadillac CTS

Here's a diagram from the service manual. Searching, "2003 Cadillac CTS Vacuum Diagram" provides similar results.
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Vacuum leak above brake pedal

I had an '86 Town Car (same platform) back in the day. IIRC, the white half ring is the automatic parking brake release. When mine leaked, I removed the vacuum line and plugged it. That took care of ...
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On carbureted vehicles, are vacuum lines exposed to gasoline vapors?

Many of the lines are rotted after so many years On a vehicle of that age, I replace every single rubber line without exception. I use shrink tube or paint to replace any OEM color markings on the ...
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Replace discontinued evap line?

Any competent refrigeration engineer / shop can sort a suitable replacement and they will be able to match fittings etc.
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