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1997 Subaru WRX STI Type R - Strange and occasional turbo lag

Too long for comment, but I suspect wastegate linkage or door not closing fully due to distortion from heat (it's really hot around there). You could try and get it hot enough to duplicate the ...
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How can I diagnose intermittent low boost on a turbocharged diesel?

Based on what you're stated in the question, it sounds as if your turbo is basically working – so the question is how to figure out what, if anything, is wrong and causing low/absent boost at times. ...
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How can I diagnose intermittent low boost on a turbocharged diesel?

I have no expertise about your specific car however I want to point out that a typical root cause for this behavior would be a damaged vacuum line controlling the vacuum actuator of the variable vane ...
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97 Eclipse GST Turbo

The TDO5 16g flows a lot more air than a T25 (520cfm vs. 405, according to this ), so you should expect it to be laggy. On the plus side, once you get higher in the power band, you should be making ...
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Volkswagen van turbo problem

If this is the VW ALH TDI engine (1999.5 - 2004), I have the same engine in a different vehicle, I have experienced the same problem and I have a repair procedure. The problem comes from soot (carbon) ...
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