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The fact that the gauges read empty when the tanks were empty and changed after the tanks were filled is encouraging, it means the gauges at least partly work. The simplest explanation is that they do work, and that they are accurate, just that they are connected to the wrong gauges. You filled one tank to 40%-ish and one tank shows just over a 1/4 full, the ...


Regular ethylene glycol was the antifreeze used then as now. The corrosion inhibitors , and other additives have changed and vary from brand to brand , but basically the same stuff. In '53 there were a few still using methanol/alcohol , but it was a high risk of fire. Modern corrosion inhibitors focus on aluminum but should work on your copper and brass ...


Ethylene Glycol ... you know ... the green stuff? Prestone. Peak. Walmart brand. Generic from Princess Auto. It will all work just fine.

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