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No worn out tires will not affect brakes rotors or shocks. But using this mechanic will affect your wallet in a negative way :) It is a bad thing when a mechanic uses the customers lack of knowledge to gain more money. This beeing said it is possible you need to replace brake pads shocks or weel bearings but this is not connected to the wear of your tires....


The damage is on the most vulnerable part of the tire. It really is not safe to drive it in that condition, especially at high speeds. It is apt to have a blow out and if your travelling with kids and also considering others on the road, I would get it fixed ASAP. As far as the burning smell, there could of been some damage or bent to suspension parts which ...


No the transmission bracket do not break as a result of changing tire pressure. It is more likely this is a result of not properly adjusting the engine mounts and transmission bracket when your clutch was replaced,or the engine mounts might have started to fail as a result of wear. I think you should take a look at the engine mounts to see if the rubber is ...


Useful resource here: Tire Size Calculator Yes, that smaller size should work and yes, your speedo will read a bit higher than it should due to the smaller diameter of the tires.

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