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The pressure is chosen to keep the largest area of tread on the road. If the tyre had too much pressure, it will bulge in the middle of the tread and cause wear in the middle. If there is too little pressure the tyre will run on the side walls more and cause wear on the edges. The uneven wear highlights the uneven use of the tread and hence the less grip ...


Yes that will be ok. There are many questions about tire sizes on here with links to tire size calculators, which will tell you about % change speedo error etc As it is a small change it will have lttle effect - slightly softer over bumps, slightly more flex in the sidewall but you might not notice depending how you drive.


As Paulster's answer says ride quality is a significant driver - every bit of a bump that is absorbed by the tire deforming/compressing is that much less movement transferred to the suspension (it's an extreme case but on something like an F1 car the tire makes up the majority of the suspension travel!) so tire pressures being in that window between "...


I don't know that I'd consider it "ridiculously low", but the main reason for the tire pressures to be lower than what is typically used in commercial applications is to dramatically improve ride quality. Secondarily, if you check the cost of commercial tires, they are hugely more expensive than passenger tires (in the neighborhood of 4 to 5 times ...

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