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what sensors and formula are used to control VGT/VNT turbos?

Dodge installed VNT Turbochargers on cars in 89 and 90. The most well known of which is the 1989 Shelby CSX-VNT. The vanes were controlled by a dual port vacuum actuator. There was nothing ...
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what sensors and formula are used to control VGT/VNT turbos?

Disclaimer: I've never done this practically. This answer is based on my somewhat limited exposure to turbomachinery theory in automotive applications. It's all about the flow Unlike fixed-geometry ...
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Cleaning Throttle Body - Can a beginner do it?

Yes, a beginner can do it with basic tools. Loosen the clamp on the intake where it is connected to the throttle body, push the rubber boot aside if possible. have a friend get in the car and actuate ...
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Ideal TPS Voltage Range for calibration

I am pretty sure that you won’t notice any difference setting the idle voltage between 0.4v and 0.6v. The ECUs don’t use this reading for doing any accurate measuring, it is used to give the ECU an ...
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Ideal TPS Voltage Range for calibration

the half a volt isnt for the computer to read as an actual command for opening the throttle to any level the only reason half a volt is present at idle is so the computer knows there isnt an open ...
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How to use ODB data to detect throttle related emission problem?

By using OBD to get some key data, I developed a method to detect "throttle" related emission problems. === Background === The engine of the vehicle goes into the idle state (engine speed > 0, ...
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p0123 - replaced TPS but still dies while driving

Check the wiring. If it is a three wire switch check for 5v ref voltage. If you have access to the engine data and can get the tps voltage it should be around 1v. You could also move the throttle and ...
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