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tightening belt tensioner after fitting new timing belt

Initially any slackness in the belt will be spread between all of the pulleys. By tensioning it, then cranking by hand, you are moving all of the slack to the location of the tensioner. The ...
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Should a serpentine belt tensioner "bounce" or "jiggle" slightly?

Absolutely you'll see it bouncing slightly. The reason is, the belt will stretch and contract slightly as the engine speeds up/slows down. The tensioner provides two different functions: Provides ...
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Should the tensioner-tooth position remain constant during manual crank-shaft rotation?

If you've followed the directions as listed in this pdf, you should have no issues. There is nothing there which states the alignment tabs on the tensioner have anything to do with the timing and is ...
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09 Nissan Cube Drive Belt Tensioner Rattles While Sitting

You have a bad tensioner. The problem isn't in the spinning idler, it's the worn bushing and dampener mechanism. You already own the new one. Install it. See this post to learn about the bushing and ...
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