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The heater core may be plugged, if fluid is full and there aren't any leaks. Check this when the engine is hot, if one hose is cold or warm and the other is hot the heater core is plugged. The temp gauge fluctuations may be an electrical issue or there's air in the system. If you backprobe the temperature sensor have someone rev the engine and look for ...


I don't really understand but the jerking seems to have been fixed up to 90% after I changed the gear oil. For more details, see here.


I like to keeps things simple, start with the air intake - a Diesel is an air pump, loves air more than fuel, keep that in mind when looking things over. Diesels hate water in their fuel. I have found if the E.G.R is all coked up, things don't run right, it acts like the Diesel is suffocating, canĀ“t breathe properly. Easy to clean if you can get to it. Be ...


The component at fault is the alternator. When it's charging, it's creating too much drag which is shredding the drive belt. You could check things like the bushing and bearings but to be fair, I'd just fit a replacement item. That is of course assuming that the correct sized belt has been fitted and is correctly tensioned.


Do you not use gas when setting off with the clutch in your car? If you don't use gas whilst slipping the clutch, you're almost CERTAIN to stall without very fine clutch control. This can really, really damage your clutch if you keep using only the clutch to set off. The RPMs when you're setting off should be raised using the gas pedal to about 1.2k-1.5k ...

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