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I've no idea on the car but I'd take a stab at how it works.. I think it probably has two steering racks, one atop the other. Each rack connects to only one wheel. In normal use, the racks are separated and locked together and the pinion drives them both in the same direction so rotating the wheel clockwise points both wheels to the right. In parking mode, ...


Maybe the tires have been driven flat because the bike was always ridden straight, then maybe there is a point where you fall over that corner, and it will be hard to get back. Usually only happens with big cruisers like harleys but who knows


The experience I've had with center take-off racks is in the Chrysler Corp's LH cars (Intrepid, Concorde, 300M, New Yorker, etc.) The center take-off design has long tie rods that must reach to the center of the engine compartment. They are usually pretty significant chunks of steel. On the Chrysler implementation, they attach to the rack via bushings. ...

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