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Stator and Rotor vs Magneto

A magneto is an alternator with a permanent magnet. Your two examples may differ in the way that they produce a higher voltage, through electromagnetic induction, but they appear to be functionally ...
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How to Properly Reinstall Rotor and Stator on Suzuki DL1000

You have a lot of questions. I won't be able to answer them all. I will say I have this motor sitting in my shop and have owned a few of these, TL/SV based. Should I be adding any lubricants to ...
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03 Suzuki GSXR 600 stator wires

Were the wires just one-to-one originally? If so then it may be a 3phase stator (wired in a delta format) and it should not matter which you connect to which. Before you connect anything, check the ...
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Bolt accessories

It's called a "captured" bolt. One way to do it is by using something like this Starlock®, which you'd put the bolt in place, then put the Starlock® on the threads, which would hold it in place:
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Why can't I get a spark?

I ended up getting it sparking. I didn't have the pink wire grounded properly.
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Will changing the stator help sustain electrical accessories?

Check how much amps the alternator can deliver, and make an estimation of the amps you'll consume. There must still be a margin for safety. What audio system and LED bulbs do you have? Normal LED ...
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