This sounds very much like the alternator is not charging the battery. A new fully charged battery would start the car quite a few times until flat, as you have experienced. Jump starting would then work, but the battery on the car is still flat, so it wouldn’t be able to start it again. You need to get the alternator tested, since it could be faulty. It ...


I just cleaned the battery terminals and other connecting positive wires then re connected and, my cars slow cranking was fixed. Same problem as OP stated. My car is a 2003 9-5 ARC 2.3t


While it sounds very loud, to me it just sounds like the starter solenoid going in and out due to either a flat battery or a bad connection at the battery. You can hear the starter turn the engine over a few times, but then there isn’t enough power to keep the starter turning and the solenoid engaged. Presumably the engine isn’t running at this point? Check ...

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