The specs for this vehicle show that it has a 5-speed manual and that 5th gear is OD/Overdrive. According to the performance data here: The following table from that page lists the speed at 1000 rpm for each gear: 1000rpm speed: (km/h/mph) I: 7.7 / 4.8 II: 13.6 / 8.5 III: 20.4 / 12.7 IV: 27.1 /...


That is the excellent Mazda B3 engine. It will give you 300k service if you treat it nicely. It loves to rev. It does not like to lug. If you are at high power at low RPM (e.g. an RPM that feels right for an American V8) and you start hearing what sounds like tappet noise, that is actually the main bearings bottoming out metal on metal. Stop that ...


I got 3,000 rpm at 120 km/h on a Hyunday Grand i10, 1.2 lts engine (~5 lts/100km)


Find another shop. Any shop that would replace an ABS sensor and release the vehicle knowing that teeth were missing from the ring is a shop that doesn't know what they're doing.


The blown fuse was number 29 on the shown diagram (the inside car fuses). The diagram says: Hazard warning flasher, courtesy light, auto trans which isn't particularly helpful, but there you go, it apparently controls the indicators and speedo as well.


I had similar problem on Hilux where rev counter dropped and battery and auto transmission temp level lit up whilst driving. Took battery in to check - it was flat and after a recharge, tested good. Took alternator off and got it tested - was also fine. Put it all back together and had it tested - still fine. Only happened intermittently and when vehicle was ...

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