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Is my timing belt looking bad?

There is just about no way to know the viability of a timing belt by looking at it. Your belt could last another 100k miles or it might pop tomorrow. This is why it is important to follow the change ...
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Is failing to change brake fluid a life safety issue?

YES. A big Y-E-S. It's a huge safety issue. See, braking fluid absorbs(even attracts) water over time, not so much over usage, if at all. Brake fluid gets really hot, even more under sustained braking ...
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When should brake fluid be changed in a Honda 2016 CRV?

Most cars have brake fluid changes every 2 years. It may be occasionally the case that car manufacturers experiment with longer intervals, finding them to be unsuitable and reverting back to the ...
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When should brake fluid be changed in a Honda 2016 CRV?

Specifically (meaning as applies to Honda vehicles): Your engine oil needs to be in spec which is defined by Honda, you can deviate at your own risk. Oils may be incompatible with gaskets, etc. Most ...
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Honda CRV - Service Intervals

In order to maintain the manufacturer's warranty on the car you need to service it either every 10,000 km or 12 months whichever milestone is reached first. Once you are out of warranty you can look ...
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Volvo V60 T5 service schedule

According to the Volvo maintenance schedule (pg 5), it states: The correct oil and filter interval is every 10,000 miles = 16,000 km or 12 months WHICHEVER COMES FIRST. It looks to me like the 18k ...
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Engine oil change interval

You have the recommended interval from your mechanic and the recommended interval from the oil manufacturer. But you are missing the number that you should start with - the one from vehicle ...
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