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Ok, let's see if I can help! First, let me explain: I own a car repair shop here in Brazil and happened to had a similar problem once with my wife's Kia Cadenza, and sometimes I had to turn the key (not pressing buttons, but the same) like 2, 3, sometimes 10 times until the car starts. I tried to diagnose via OBD2, but no log was recorded whatsoever. So, ...


No, as long as you are jump starting properly there should be no damage to your car. It's possible that your battery could be drained a bit doing the jump-start, and a low battery could cause starting issues. A way to remedy this would be to drive your car for a bit after doing the jumpstart to make sure the battery is fully charged, or rev the engine for a ...


My 2002 Silverado had an under-hood light. It was mounted to the hood on the drivers side above the master cylinder. It may be the power for that.


A partial answer. As for my actual vacuum readings vs. the VCM scanner readings. It was recently just drilled into my head that like it says in the MAP, "A" is for "Absolute", like the air pressure they talk about on the weather report! So the pressure reading is in reference to the ambient air pressure, not the same as a simple vacuum ...

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