I'm afraid I'm not familiar with the Aurora but generally speaking, interrupting the power to an ECU will clear all fault codes and freeze frames so physically unplugging the unit will usually be enough to clear the codes. The faults you describe would, in my mind, point more to a faulty with the BCU (Body Control Unit) which is typically responsible for ...


Unfortunately I do not have any access in my [USA] databases for your particular vehicle. However, the symptoms you describe seem to point to an "immobilizer" type function. I tend to doubt the ECU is at fault. I more suspect your "mashed" key fob. Has the battery in the fob been replaced recently? I would start with a new (or refurb) key fob that has ...


Uhm! According to this page your year model does have a transponder: https://www.centrochiaviauto.it/tcatalogo/transponder_catalog/subaru_transponder_catalog.html

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