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How do seat belts function?

I am assuming that you don't mean to ask how the belt holds you in place. :) I'm assuming you are asking how the mechanism works. I'll break this into two parts. The simple mechanism and the ...
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How do seat belts function?

To add to the other great answers, I must point out that seat belts 'work' to reduce the impact on the passenger by stretching. In a large impact the fabric stretches quite significantly, don't ...
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Seatbelt must be retracted after pulling it as far as it will come out

This is a normal safety feature. Most common reason is for child seats. this allows you to lock the belt and pull it tight. EDIT: It is also not that a child seat triggers this behavior, but that ...
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Can I decrease the sensitivity of my seat belt "person detector"?

I have a 2006 Vibe and I followed the directions here to disable both driver and passenger side seat belt alarms (I don't know of a way to just do passenger side): Turn the key to on (don't start the ...
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[Toyota avalon 1995]How to disable the seat belt chime?

Key on engine off, check to see if there's power at the gauge fuse. If there's power at the gauge fuse disconnect the ignition switch and recheck for power at the gauge fuse. If you have power at the ...
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Seat belt / airbag light ON polo 2013

Finding someone who has VCDS would be your easiest method of finding out what is happening. That will be able to read the body computer. Look around locally for a VW car club. With VCDS you will ...
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Where's my seat belt buckle?

From what I can tell in the owner's manual (on page 52 of 360), the rear seat's center position uses a lap belt from the right (when viewed head on) to the left. This places the missing latch ...
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How to unlock seatbelt during replacement

That seat belt has a weight activated lock. It locks the seat belt during high accelerations or decelerations. You will be able to pull the belt out when that weight is in the at rest position. Its ...
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Is a missing middle seat belt better than a damaged one?

My experience (based upon converting campervans) is that the answer will depend upon the vehicle's V5 certificate. If the vehicle is labelled on the V5 as a five-seater then it must have seat belts ...
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Liquid coming from seat belt connectors

It could be from underneath the seat from accumulation of water originating from a rusted section of the wheel well . If there is a hole in the wheel well a spinning tire on a rainy day would propel ...
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Unplugging seat belt sensor Golf 6 plus 2010

Whoever the "someone" is who said it is dangerous is correct. As suspected, seat belts in modern passenger vehicles have pretensioners which, when the airbags are deployed, fire first to tighten and ...
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What is the purpose of seatbelts only retracting when extended past a certain point?

If I'm understanding your description correctly, you are describing a safety feature implemented to aid in the installation of child restraint devices. If a seatbelt is not "locked" then during normal ...
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How to install a Low Fuel Light and a Seat Belt Light?

Lets break this down into two pieces. The seat belt light: All this needs is a switch in the seat belt buckle. The switch in the buckle should be normally closed and when the seat belt is inserted ...
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How to disable the seat belt alarm on a 2011 Tacoma?

I'm late to the game, but maybe it helps others as well... Your description should work, but there's one catch: make sure you follow the steps on the passenger seat not the driver seat. You also ...
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How to unlock seat belts on Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Make sure it's not electrical. I can't speak to the land cruiser but I've replaced seat belts on a 2000 Tacoma, and there is some kind of relay activated by a small wiring harness. Basically if that ...
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