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UPDATE: They passed safety with independent shop after driving for 2 days, $113 bill instead of $630. Safe to say my Mom is happy!


Actually, I'll dare to provide an answer different from the one posted by the 134k reputation guy. I had problems where my car stuck and required small force from the engine to cause it to suddenly release. Initially I thought it maybe was the parking pawl sticking. The problem occasionally returned for maybe 5 times. However, at one point where the car was ...


From the photo above, the answer is: No. These will not pass inspection. The reason I say this is because of the deep gouging of the surface. You can also tell there isn't much contact between the brake pad and the rotor. And from what I'm seeing, there IS a lot of rust there. This isn't going to be much braking power there. If this were a good looking rotor,...

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