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For a southern car I’ve come to the conclusion not to pay a shop for paint but sand and flex seal it also insulates and deadens sound bonus,,!,!


If you have a donor sheet, then cut the complete piece out and match it into the hole the same size. Takes a lot of welding skill so you don't heat deform the panel. That will be a learning experience. You will end up smoothing some body filler over but should be less than 1/8" thick if you do it well.


It will help reduce underside corrosion by protecting it from water. Routine respray ( 3 months ?) would be very good. What I did for chrome bumpers was to dissolve grea se in gasoline and wipe it on with a rag. The gasoline carried the grease into small crevices and it evaporated leaving grease. Bituminous undercoating ( long ago) was found to be bad in ...


There is some merit for the suggestion, but with tradeoffs. For the most part, the oil acts as a barrier to oxygen and will prevent a little bit of corrosion. Over time, it'd add up. The tradeoff is, it will collect dirt, which can retain water, which can cause corrosion. If you ever wash your car, all the benefits of the diesel fuel would go away as it gets ...

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