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Seeing as @paulster2 agrees with me in the comments, I will make this into an answer - It looks to me like it is just the plastic lower engine cover that is used for sound deadening. I presume the one on the other side isn’t a separate part, but just the other side of the cover. As @paulster2 says - Needs some new push pins and all should be right in the ...


In the seldom cases I saw them the manual advised to use soapy water to install them as petroleum based lubes degrade rubber. Normally grease is included on items that need it. Make sure to torque down the bushings carrier as the stabilizer bar is in the "work" position, that is the position the stabilizer bar has when the loaded (normally only the driver) ...


It's hard to say exactly from the picture, which was pretty dark, but it looks like it could be your anti-roll bar (also known as a sway bar or anti-sway bar). The anti-roll bar dampens side to side roll movement and helps keep your car stable in cornering or on uneven roads. It's safe to drive provided you drive very carefully and avoid and fast cornering ...


Artificial "leather" is a plastic-like material. I'd use a cleaner for plastic/rubber/vinyl and not an actual leather product. You might check the Owner's Manual and see if they recommend a specific type of product or an actual product recommendation.

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