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Beyond what @cory says, once you get them hung on the chassis and the weight of the diff dangelling on them, the leaves will open up and you can squirt in some marine-grade grease. This will let the leaves rub against each other smoother. If you intend on disassembling the spring pack, then you can fit some PTFE-based plastic sheets between each leaf for ...


I'd probably replace the bushings, knock off some of the surface rust, spray a rust inhibitor / paint and put them on. Having them retensioned would be needed if they have flattened out, or your vehicle's extra weight causes the ride height to be too low. No real way of knowing that until you fit them.


Yes you can turn the crankshaft via its pulley. But this is probably easier. If you want to turn the crankshaft by hand you can use a socket with a long handle / breaker bar on it to "Tighten" the bolt on the end of the engine crankshaft. Usually that bolt holds the harmonic dampener. Be careful here as if the crankshaft gets stiff you might exceed install ...

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