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P0491 Possible Causes: Intake leak, damaged Air system components, faulty Air system solenoid or relay. The metal gasket could be the source of a leak. You can also visually inspect the associated wiring for cracking, corrosion around the contact pins and plugs. When I owned a VW years ago it was notorious for electrical issues. If you have a helper sitting ...


I'd try the following things: Vacuum it out (imho the best solution, as you can also clean the air filter housing) Use a flexible pickup tool (photo attached) and try not to lodge it deeper, as poking aimlessy will certainly be counterproductive Remove the air filter housing and shake the wipe and remaining debris out.


You can't revive the battery, especially if it was charged when cold its dead for sure. Just recycle it correctly. If you want to get new bike or replace your battery it's up to you. Just keep in mind this battery is dead and can even explode if you try to revive it via some fishy method.

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