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OK there's not much point in sugar coating this, but this isn't really going to be something you can salvage. The only way to get this looking right is likely a full respray of both doors, and I don't mean with a rattle can. I mean with a proper compressor driven air sprayer. This is smack bang in the worst place to be doing this sort of thing, you're on ...


I'm not an expert in bodywork, however, I can tell from the job you did it is completely wrong. When painting any panel on a vehicle you cannot just paint a small area. You have to paint a panel at least out to the body lines. This masks the edges of your paint areas. A body line is like the crease at the top of the door. The top of the door is probably not ...


If the camshaft is good then use it. I would consider making sure the bearing surfaces are free from dirt, oil residue etc But the caps should be the ones from your engine as they are usually line bored to match - taking the ones from the other engine could cause serious problems.


If there is some defect in material or workmanship then the issue MAY be covered under warranty. You need to have some reason why the discs are defective but IMHO that's going to be tough. At 12 months and 6000 miles you are into the territory where environment and normal wear are likely. While 6000 miles is a bit low for rotors to be failing, it's not so ...

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