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Took van back to garage; Tested it and confirmed there is a problem with revs carrying on after clutch disengaged; Put electronic device on car, but said it would not connect. So I have to take it back on friday when the electrician is in. Said he was convinced that it is the "throttle" out of alinement (the two tracks). Implied that I may need a ...


It sounds like the engagement point of the clutch could be too low. This can usually be adjusted. If this is the issue, the clutch is not actually disengaging the engine until the pedal is almost completely on the floor. Then when letting out on the clutch, it will engage extremely quickly/jerkily. Another potential cause of the shudder/jerk when engaging ...


Not sure about 2017 Clio, but older ones had a little thumbwheel to adjust the brightness. It should be on dash left from your steering wheel.

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