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Do I change all four coils when I change one spark plug that is faulty

You shouldn't need to change the spark plug coils unless they are faulty, so the answer to your question is no, you don't need to replace the coils again. There probably wasn't a need to replace all ...
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How do I locate a vacuum hose in 1993 Buick Regal for heating system

If i remember right there is a vacuum solenoid box under the dash on the passenger side, they are notorious for the hoses and connectors inside the box to disintegrate, you can open the box and re ...
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2000 Regal only puts out warm air

A few things will cause "just warm" air. There's going to be an air diverter/mixer box that mechanically moves to mix cool air from outside and warm air from the heater core. You can normally hear ...
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Has my motor seized?

A seized engine is when the oil has become thin due to excessive heat or lack of oil resulting in metal upon metal contact. This can cause items such as the piston rings, bearings, or rods, ...
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