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Can I remove freeze plugs and put hose into water pump forcing some debris out or block? Or?

You could or you could backfeed the hot out of the block after removing the thermostat then reverse the flow after. Flushing tends to be needed if it is overheating, as you have not mentioned any ...
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Center support and bearing replacement

If the mounting flanges are part of the bearing assembly, it's likely the original Plymouth Arrow Truck (Mitsubishi Forte) carrier bearing assembly. If the mounting flange is a separate "saddle" ...
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Over heating at highway speeds and radiator bubbling over

I have had those symptoms when the water passages in the block were plugged with rust. Of course this means an old iron block, your car has the age ; iron block ? My rust was caused by the radiator ...
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Over heating at highway speeds and radiator bubbling over

Do you mean when the radiator cap is taken off, you will see bubbles overflow and gushing out? That means that the head gasket is shot. Also the fact that your car overheats is very likely due to a ...
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p0123 - replaced TPS but still dies while driving

Check the wiring. If it is a three wire switch check for 5v ref voltage. If you have access to the engine data and can get the tps voltage it should be around 1v. You could also move the throttle and ...
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Voltage Regulator problems on a 2000 Plymouth Neon

On that MY Neon an "intake air gauge" doesn't have anything to do with the charging circuit. The amount of amperage produced by the generator is controlled by Electronic Voltage Regulator (EVR) ...
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