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Why is it sometimes hard to engage reverse gear in a manual transmission?

It's common for manual transmissions to not have the same gear syncronizing mechanism on reverse gear as it does on forward gears. The job of the synchronizer is not just to match the speeds of cogs ...
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I think my car has a steam problem

Most modern cars engage A/C automatically when the windscreen defrost mode is on. With the heat set on high and the A/C engaged, the system acts as a dehumidifier. Set the heat at its highest ...
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Ambient temperature sensor peugeot 207cc 2014

Tha code reports that there's a problem with an ambient temperature sensor circuit. This could be caused by the sensor itself or the wiring or dirty \corroded connectors. Least likely would be the PCM....
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Peugeot 207 sporadic, sudden and very short loss of power

To give some closure here: the issue started manifesting a lot more often so I tried my luck once more at the mechanic. And lucky I was: there was a fault logged (which interestingly, didn't appear on ...
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Erratic LTFT whilst driving

I'm not a fan of using fuel trim values to diagnose engine problems, there's a lot of rabbit holes there. The fluctuation of the long term trims is certainly an indicator something isn't right, it's ...
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RPM Sometimes Jumps

Most likely the problem is the clutch and it's slipping quite severely. This is a classic symptom of this problem, with or without the smell associated with it. When a clutch is fully engaged, it ...
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Gear "--" on automatic Peugeot 207 CC

If this happens as part of the initialization or checking process for the dash lights & gauges then it sounds fine. Was the fluid leaking issue corrected? If so, and it behaves correctly when ...
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