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Can Dexron IID ATF be used in place of Dexron II ATF?

Dexron-II(D) is what you should actually be looking for as technically, you won't find "Dexron-II" because it never truly existed. Dexron-II(C) came out in 1973 and was followed in 1975 by ...
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Mitsubishi Pajero IO fuel

Assuming this is a GDI engine model with a compression ratio of 12.0:1 (which is rather high) I'd recommend using the highest-octane fuel available on a regular gas station in your area, which is ...
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2001 Mitsubishi Pajero GDI unstable over 80km/h

As Solar Mike said, other mechanical problems can cause what you're experiencing. To answer your question: yes, the two faults you ask about could cause or contribute. The stabilizer mounts (rubbers) ...
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Low Break Fluid & Spongy Brakes

The hissing of air you're hearing is likely due to a torn vacuum booster. This isn't a complete disaster but does mean you are not getting the full effect of power brakes. The brake fluid being so ...
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Mitsubishi Pajero (suv) 1992 v6 3000 Differential Oil Leak

There are 3 different „hoses“ enter diff case in Pajero. 1. air for diff lock, 2. diff breather hose. These 2 goes into the car body. 3. wiring which goes around the diff and then to the left arm and ...
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