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Indicators Not Working But Hazard Lights Working

Traced this problem to a fuse under the dashboard, located in the middle horizontal row right most fuse. Turns out this fuse is the indicator fuse and when this fuse is blown the indicators won't work ...
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Why does my 2005 Mitsubishi Pajero use excessive amounts of fuel?

The short answer is: you have a fuel leak. What you described would seem to indicate a leak or some major engine problems. Does the car run normally? Since you didn't mention the car wasn't running ...
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Can Dexron IID ATF be used in place of Dexron II ATF?

Dexron-II(D) is what you should actually be looking for as technically, you won't find "Dexron-II" because it never truly existed. Dexron-II(C) came out in 1973 and was followed in 1975 by ...
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Mitsubishi Pajero IO fuel

Assuming this is a GDI engine model with a compression ratio of 12.0:1 (which is rather high) I'd recommend using the highest-octane fuel available on a regular gas station in your area, which is ...
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2001 Mitsubishi Pajero GDI unstable over 80km/h

As Solar Mike said, other mechanical problems can cause what you're experiencing. To answer your question: yes, the two faults you ask about could cause or contribute. The stabilizer mounts (rubbers) ...
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Low Break Fluid & Spongy Brakes

The hissing of air you're hearing is likely due to a torn vacuum booster. This isn't a complete disaster but does mean you are not getting the full effect of power brakes. The brake fluid being so ...
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Mitsubishi Pajero (suv) 1992 v6 3000 Differential Oil Leak

There are 3 different „hoses“ enter diff case in Pajero. 1. air for diff lock, 2. diff breather hose. These 2 goes into the car body. 3. wiring which goes around the diff and then to the left arm and ...
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