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The compressor has a capacity of 13.9 CFM where the air gun requires only 12 CFM. So YES, you should be able to successfully use this setup.


This might take some time but what I would do is use a vacuum with small adapter like crevice tool and slowly pick away at the threads to remove the paint sucking up all that you pick at. Unless you remove the item completely. I would pour a quart or so of oil through it maybe picking up paint and taking it to the oil pan. Then I would change the filter and ...


Small paint flecks aren't going to destroy your engine, but there is a small possibility they could do damage or a large fleck could block oil flow. I wouldn't ring alarm bells because of this, but I wouldn't leave it either. There's 2 ways you can get rid of the paint on the threads. The best way is to remove that cover and brush, scrape and dissolve that ...


I wouldn't worry. The engine has a filter to catch this type of debris. It will be caught and removed at your next service.

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