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What happened to the paint on my 2014 Toyota Prius V? Is there a way I can DIY repair it?

It looks like typical Toyota paint to me. The paint is delaminating from the soft bumper. You can paint this yourself, but you'd need a paint gun, compressor, special tools, and some understanding of ...
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What are these wiggly lines on the car paint and windshield?

I'll answer it myself since I've since found the answer after posting. As first postulated, these are indeed snail marks, against my best judgment. As revealed by this Family Handy post these are ...
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1 vote

Hatchback door...paint scratch...what is the best option to fix?

If it were my car, I'd do exactly what you suggest: get some touch up paint and some touch up clear coat. That's a little scratch but it does look deep. If you catch it now, you can apply several tiny ...
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