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This should not cause you an issue, but this sounds more like a problem with the O2 sensors than with the intake gaskets. When was the last time you had them changed? If you are over 100k miles without new ones, I'd highly suggest this first. One way to check your theory for the intake gasket is by using a spray bottle with water (on jet, not spray). With ...


In plainspeak, P0133 means that the O2 sensor is not able to react quickly enough to changes in air-fuel ratio. This can result in the following behavior: sluggish throttle response poor fuel economy, especially during frequent acceleration/deceleration


Completely agree with @Moab here ... to be more accurate, the code is for the Bank 1 Sensor 1, which means it's the main O2 which adjusts the fuel trims for proper fueling. If this vehicle only has one pre-cat O2 sensor, that makes things easier, as it should be easy to find. If it has two (usually on a V engine), it will be on the same side as the #1 ...


Replacing an O2 sensor can be a fairly easy DIY replacement. I haven't seen all cars, but on Honda Civics it is fairly simple. Get the appropriate O2 sensor(s), borrow an O2 sensor socket (auto parts stores in the western US lend tools, YMMV). Raise the car and secure it with jack stands, climb under the car with your socket, your sensor, your socket ...

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