Old cars cover oldtimers as well as youngtimers, i.e. nearly all cars without electronics, or cars that have been designed and built first multiple decades ago (but maybe still being built somewhere around the globe).

Questions which should be tagged "old-cars":

  • Anything concerning oldtimers or youngtimers
  • Anything about cars being built for multiple decades without much modification, e.g. including recent Brasilian VW Transporters which are based on the 2nd generation of the VW Transporter, recent Hindustan Ambassadors which are based on Morris Minor from the '50s.
  • Anything concerning cars which are officially registered as Oldtimer, e.g. Germany-registered cars with an "H" suffix or "07" prefix on the number-plate.
  • Anything concerning cars without any electronics.
  • Anything concerning used cars whose prices are already rising again.

Questions which should not be tagged "old-cars":

  • Anything concerning cars which have first being built less than 10 to 15 years ago.


  • VW Golf 1 ('70s + '80s) or VW Golf 2 ('80s + '90s) are surely on-topic
  • VW Golf 5 or VW Golf 6 are off-topic
  • VW Golf 3 ('90s) maybe on-topic nowadays.