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I had the thermostat gasket replaced along with my coolant being flushed out and it seems to have solved the issue, I’ve had water added to my system rather than coolant to see how it goes.. Been running for a week from today with no issues


You most likely have no damage. An 18 x 18 puddle 1/8 inch deep comes to about .65 liters, which is not a huge loss compared to most SUVs oil reservoirs. A 45 x 30 puddle of the same depth is about 2.75 liters, which would be a serious loss of oil, but by the time that much had leaked out you realized there was a problem and didn't drive it. Running it for ...


To my knowledge, the thermostat not only has nothing to do with the oil, oil isn't and shouldn't be anywhere near it (as far as the engine is concerned). The coolant and oil should be two separate systems ... narry the two shall meet. If they do, then there's something wrong. Just because it isn't overheating doesn't mean there isn't a problem with the head ...

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