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Oil should drain better on ramps in my opinion due to the angle. Think about a square shape container and the drain hole at the bottom. Usally vehicle drain plugs stay at the side note exactly at the bottom of the oil pan. I'm pretty sure on ramps oil would drain properly.


After you change the oil and filter and refill the oil pan, you have a few seconds before the oil fills the filter and oil passages and begins lubricating the engine again. During that brief period you're relying on the residual oil film that clings to the various surfaces in the engine to provide protection. How long does that protection last? Generally ...


Some damage is likely, but not quantifiable. Some engines have been run for 10 minutes because they wanted to destroy the engine and it took longer. You probably reduced the life span of the engine or it might make a different noise soon. If it is now filled with oil and running then use it, not much else to do. You could strip it and rebuld it but as it is ...


If you didn't start the engine, how would anti freeze get into the oil filter? Altho, if in doubt, change the oil filter, cheap enough.


If you don't drain out the reservoir out then you can run the Anti-freeze in the system the anti-freeze will actually set on fire, just not immediately. once it reaches a temp of about 650-750 degrees Fahrenheit it will though. If it has gone through the oil filter, then it will have to in fact be replaced. the insoluble will clog the filter which would ...


If you had enough antifreeze in the oil to foul your filter, then you have too much antifreeze in your oil for safety. Drain again, change the oil again. Sorry, but otherwise your antifreeze+oil will become milkshake/mousse in the crank, plug oil channels, and then destroy your engine.


If you did not start it and all the antifreeze drained out then fill with oil and you should be good to go. Your engine might need more than a quart to fill to the correct level though. Once you have run the engine with the fresh oil, check that it is not contaminated by antifreeze just in case some did not come out. If so then change the oil again.

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