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The starter solenoid should engage/push the starter gear into the flywheel , apparently it is not working. When you remove the solenoid , also cleanup/sand the large copper washer that makes contact between the battery cable and starter motor; it will be in rough condition at this age. For what it is worth ; the only ignition coil that ever failed for me was ...


I would check all the terminals and connections - it is possible you disturbed something when you replaced the battery. The battery terminals need to be clean and tight


That the battery shows 13.6v when no current is being drawn from it doesn't prove the battery is OK. The battery may be damaged or old, and capable of showing good voltage (like 13.6) only with no load; when a load is applied, the voltage may instantaneously drop to, for instance, 8v. Your analysis and diagnosis will be more accurate if you first determine ...

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