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Its not possible to reprogram the keyless code on your key but it IS possible with a mb tool to have all the keys disabled except the key your using or if you really wanted you could get a new unused key from a locksmith or dealer and then disable all the other key spaces so you could be 100% sure there is no trickery with old keys. That said, It is highly ...


These are the two most common problems with the C-Class. Bad EIS or Failed Ignition Switch. This guide explains how to fix the ignition switch.


LTFT and STFT were converging to a new value: conditions have changed, so STFT was not aligned with LTFT direction, and eventually all settled to approx 0%.


Long Term Fuel Trim (LTFT) should respond over time; in a process called 'Block Learn' by many manufacturers; to systemic changes in the operating conditions of the engine. For example, a change in fuel vendors, a change in regular operating altitude. Short term fuel trim will respond to rapid, transient changes in operation, such as gas pedal, hill grade ...

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