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How to play music via Bluetooth in Mercedes from 2011?

If your audio system is a "Command" you should be able to get a BT module similar to this that wires in with connections to the car's own 12v feed (so no mucking around turning adaptors off ...
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2001 MB E320 Shifted from Park to Drive Without Pressing Brake

I can't think of anything that would cause the transmission to switch from park to drive, or between any gear selection, on its own. I won't say it's impossible, but it would be a very novel event. It ...
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Mercedes S205 unknown fault code: 562CFF6C

First off, roughly speaking, there are two kinds of DTC codes, OBD2 (4 bytes), and UDS/KWP (6 + 2 bytes). 562CFF2C is probably one of the latter kind, with 562CFF being the actual fault and 2C being ...
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Automatic transmission trouble

First thing to check is the transmission oil level. This isn't as simple as most engines. Most Mercs don't come with dipsticks, neither for the engine nor transmission. You have to buy them separately ...
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Is my Mercedes spying on me?

Yes, your car is (to use your word) spying on you. In reality it's doing what you have agreed to let it do, which is to communicate your location and other information back to MB and they are doing ...
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Repairing broken power steering pump mounts

Here's the issue! From the images you showed here I must say you have a tougher fix than any easy solution. You see from just the photos I would expect to have to replace the housing this attached to, ...
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Evap. circuit malfunction on Mercedes Benz

This code can also come up from a faulty fuel filler cap gasket or vacuum leak in the soft evap system hoses. In my experience I had both at separate times. The hoses at the front center of the engine ...
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