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We "warm up" vehicles for a number of reasons: An engine that has sat will have had some degree of drain down - the oil will have drained off all the critical moving parts and won't be able to provide any protection until the oil pump has run for several seconds. Also, cold oil is thicker and has different properties than warm oil. Getting the oil pumped ...


My Kawasaki owner's handbook stated that it should not be idled for more than 5 minutes when started. However the dealer advised me to let it warm up for a few minutes (by idling, not revving), especially in cold weather. Partly so the oil can warm enough to circulate freely, and because of tight engineering tolerances in machined parts, which are not ...


For a late model car, you want to start it, buckle up, turn on the heater, radio and then drive with a light foot. Warming up a late model car warms the coolant, but not the oil. The fastest way to warm the oil and increase oil flow it to drive it, not idle it. See this post

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