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You haven't hydrolocked your engine, which is good. I'd go as far as changing engine oil immediately, transmission (and, if it is separate module, also the differential oil). I'd also check if the radiators are damaged - specifically, if lots of ribs are bent, which will prevent it from cooling off properly. Everything else should be fine for the time being.


My primary concern would be electronics, if they seem to be working, that is a good sign. Things like the speed sensors on the wheels to manage traction and brake control . And tire pressure. Maybe try hard braking on an empty road to see what happens. There are so many possibilities I think I would just drive it and try to be aware of any unusual responses. ...


Ethylene glycol is your typical antifreeze. I see on the Halford site you can pull up the data sheet. It tells you in there if it has ethylene glycol. This tells me the "silicate" type is what you need.


For short durations it's unlikely to cause problems. As others have suggested an oil and oil filter change will remove most contamination, if any got in. It's likely not worth bothering unless the vehicle was driven in very dusty, dirty, or wet conditions However if the dipstick is left out for very long periods of time there is more of a risk of ...


It's alright to exceed what's prescribed from time to time. Your engine oil looks fine from the picture, and considering you filled up with full synthetic oil, it'll probably take some time before you need another oil change. It's best that you get it changed a little shy from the 10k mark. If you wanna learn more about oil you can check out the oil guide ...

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