The first picture looks like a needle -rolling element - bearing , not a bushing. Can't tell from picture but if it is silver , not red or yellow ,it is a needle ( steel). If a needle has spun on the shaft ,your motor is dead. A new bearing would be relatively costly and may also spin on the shaft , depending on wear. If a plain bronze bushing ,put oil on it....


If that is an oilight bush / bearing then I would soak it in oil - overnight if you can arrange it and a light oil so it goes in easily even heat it a little.


there are several ways that rings are lubricated for example in a two stroke its done by means of petrol /oil mix in certain 4 stroke engines you will find a jet which sprays oil onto the bore and skirt of piston and as stated the oil scraper rings do not remove all oil also the cross hatch in the cyl holds a degree of oil which provides some lubrication

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