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What is this sticker on the coolant expansion tank trying to tell me?

There are two kinds of coolant long life and conventional. Conventional coolant uses silicate salts as a "preservative" per se. They help to reduce corrosion and what not. Long life coolant uses ...
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A tale of two diffs: which one needs more TLC?

All three - front, back and transfer box/centre diff. As it's a permanent 4WD system, all three diffs are in constant use, so if you've got no record of them being changed, it's probably worth doing ...
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Is it a problem to use synthetic ATF as power steering fluid on the Land Rover LR3?

From what I'm reading on various Land Rover forums, the dealer-recommended fluid, Texaco Cold Climate Fluid #14315, is a mineral-oil based fluid. Since this fluid is/was difficult to obtain, many of ...

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