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What should I use to maintain leather seats?

Clean leather seats with a good leather cleaner and follow up with a good leather conditioner. I personally like the leather honey series of products, but that's just my opinion and a little off-...
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How to restore and care for leather?

The post is not so much direct techniques as those will vary by type of roof and upholstery, age, and condition. Automobile upholstery falls under two basic types that being either true leather or a ...
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How to restore and care for leather?

Determine if the "Leather" is leather or vinyl. Then buy appropriate leather or vinyl cleaners, kits, solutions, etc. What does the process look like for cleaning leather? Depends on the product, but ...
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What class of cleaning/detailing products do I use for artificial/imitation leather?

Artificial "leather" is a plastic-like material. I'd use a cleaner for plastic/rubber/vinyl and not an actual leather product. You might check the Owner's Manual and see if they recommend a ...
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Are cars with leather seats more or less fireproof?

To start with, the most frequent cause for cars bursting into flames is not burning newspapers being left on the seats. In reality, the source of fire in most cases comes from inside the engine in an ...
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What can you expect after applying leather protection?

Well, this answer will be primarily opinion based, but I would say "general wear and tear" is whatever your butt can do to them. Which is basically anything mentioned except stains. Stains on leather ...
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