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This needs to be diagnosed. You need to test power supply to the blower motor when the fault is present. If there's power to motor the motor needs replaced. If not you need to check wiring heater control module and BCM. If you aren't confident in DIY for any of these then the answer to your question is you need to bring it to the shop.


It will make it worse. The rust likely contains some moisture to promote corrosion. You answered your own question. Long ago, Amoco did testing on undercoating. When new and continuous it protected, but it aged and cracked. Then water, mud and road salt got under it and accelerated corrosion.


Fact, For jeeps 2001-2004 with hydraulic fans only use Valvoline power steering fluid Chrysler Spec: 5931/part number 799222


If this happens after you've been braking quite a bit shortly before the incident, it could be boiling brake fluid. Brake fluid is hydroscopic and will absorb moisture from the air. When the moisture gets too high, the heat from braking will cause the water in the fluid to boil. This causes air in the system bringing on this condition. Brake fluid should ...

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