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Can someone help plz asap

If you don't get a direct answer you could use a length of taut string (blue on the drawing) to trace the route bypassing the A/C compressor. At suitable locations where the belt and string follow the ...
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Can i drive my 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee 100 miles to a mechanic with a misfiring cylinder?

You will not cause any damage to the vehicle except you'd need to disconnect the fuel injector wiring on the misfiring cylinder. If you do not do this, you'll be pouring unburnt fuel into that ...
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Mopar running bulb socket doesn't fit any new LED bulbs I buy

Here's a thing: The glass bulbs for those sockets usually have contact wires folded over both sides of the flat surface. That's because of the differences in configuration of different sockets, in ...
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Mopar running bulb socket doesn't fit any new LED bulbs I buy

It's a common problem, with a simple solution. After inserting the bulb, wrap electrical tape around the bottom of the bulb and the socket a few times. See this page for user's excellent results (...
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