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It's a Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve. Not sure which engine you have or I would have given you a couple of part numbers. Well, guess I can give you both: 4-cyl FRAM FV200 Standard Motor Products V207 6-cyl Standard Motor Products V236 WVE 6P1016


That appears to be the TRANSFER CASE: and it appears to be leaking. This could very well be an expensive problem. I'd walk away from this "deal" if I were you.


Yes, but use a DC to DC "smart" battery charger. Directly connecting the leads won't damage the wiring because the cigarette lighter is fused, but you may damage the battery by over-charging it. Best to get a proper DC to DC battery charger to protect the battery, and be sure it is a "smart" charger, not a "trickle" charger as ...


This needs to be diagnosed. You need to test power supply to the blower motor when the fault is present. If there's power to motor the motor needs replaced. If not you need to check wiring heater control module and BCM. If you aren't confident in DIY for any of these then the answer to your question is you need to bring it to the shop.


It will make it worse. The rust likely contains some moisture to promote corrosion. You answered your own question. Long ago, Amoco did testing on undercoating. When new and continuous it protected, but it aged and cracked. Then water, mud and road salt got under it and accelerated corrosion.


More than likely when the engine sat for so long, one or two of the cylinders (open to the elements via an open intake or exhaust valve) became rusted. When you turned it over, it forced the piston rings up into the rusted area of the cylinder and now it is stuck. You have two options, depending on your pocket book. Take what's left of the engine out and ...

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