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Still in limp home mode after fixing turbo hose

Assuming that the car was for prolonged time in service with an damaged turbo line I think of the following possible scenario: Normally a diesel is running lean (more oxygen than fuel). Since the ...
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Weird symptoms from the clutch

It definitely sounds like an issue with the clutch and / or dual mass flywheel. The noise you described could be attributed to the release bearing which is part of the clutch kit. All of the other ...
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HVAC not providing heat in the vehicle

If you have temperature in your cooler then it's most likely the heater mixer flaps (either servo motors that steer the flaps, or the controller). On many cars you are able to see if the servo motors ...
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Insignia B (MK2 2017) error code P0073 and engine light on

The ambient air temperature sensor is the one that reads the temperature outside the car, it's used by the air conditioning system. It's safe to drive your car with this problem, although your AC may ...
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I’ve just brought a Vauxhall Insignia 2012 the steering is not right

A clonk or a clicking noise a clonk could signify a control arm bushing, ball joint or strut plate movement any of which will affect the alignment. If it is more or a clicking noise it would signify a ...
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Correct battery for Insignia Sports Tourer

There's two things you need to know about batteries. First the physical size and secondly the CCA output. In some cases you might also need to know the power reserve (Amp Hour or AH). Luckily you have ...
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Brakes failed MOT

If it failed on front brake imbalance that means that the maximum braking effort of one side was less than 70% of what the other managed, that's a pretty big imbalance. Certainly enough to be ...
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Opel 2.0 CDTI when revved past 2500 rpm won't pull

That sounds like the clutch and, yes, while it is apart do all the bits, but not the flywheel unless it needs it or it is a DMF.
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