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UK 2017 Ford Fiesta Bluetooth issues

I never touch any Ford Fiesta before and only had a few cars in my life. But have a similar problem when switching to my current car, which uses an aftermarket android stereo. If I get your question ...
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"Automatic" GPS clock won't update to correct time - 2007 Honda Odyssey

World wide issue due to bad coding of the gps system. It happened on Jan 1, 2022. It will reset itself, mostly, on August 17, 2022. All will work again after that date except for the auto DST ...
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Is wireless Android Auto possible on a Toyota RAV4 Hybrid?

The car and phone must both be Android Auto wireless compatible. The cars owners manual should indicate if it's available on your Toyota. Also the dealership may have a tech person to help you out.
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Mitubishi Outlander 2018. Replacing SIM card

The most likely location of the sim would be in the head unit itself. Looking at the back of the head unit, there doesn't appear to be a sim slot. They probably chose to hide it away so the end user ...
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How to factory reset Honda Jazz (Gen 3 / 2015–2020) infotainment system?

My issue was similar to the one described in this forum thread… and the solution as well! I had to simultaneously press for a while (ca. 30s) on both the power and the brightness-level buttons, as ...
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How do I completely turn off the infotainment center in my 2017 Chev Impala without raising the screen?

I found in the manual for the vehicle that it has a valet mode, which disables a number of settings on the infotainment system, but I suspect that the feature list that would be disabled does not meet ...
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Music playback on an old car

I used to have a 1989 Opel Vectra. It didn't have bluetooth, AUX or USB, and I also didn't have the code for the radio and the battery had been flat many times, so obviously even the radio didn't work....
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Car Media Player

Lots of choices mate. Bit silly talking about batteries when there are hundreds of thousands of navigation units out there happily sitting on the dash and in the hot, hot sun all day long. The temps ...
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Get IntelliLink R 4.0 version info (Opel Astra K)

The Astra K was released in 2015 so it would still be under warranty (as of 12/2017) I'd take it to a local dealership and explain the problem as it could be a faulty radio or a software upgrade ...
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