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I am supposing its a Bajaj Pulsar 200NS. problem 1: Your front Fork Oil Seal is broken(a good way to check is to notice any oil leaks near your forks) , This will cause issue with the suspension travel thus the issue.Secondly since you mentioned you did travel over bad terrain there is a slight chance of your fork bending, this will also cause suspension ...


Yes of course. The valve clearances may move during first usage period as they settle. It is fine to adjust the valve clearances and the tappet noise should reduce. Excessive tappet noise can be caused by a stiff/sticky rocker arm and this could be a fault with your engine. Have the clearances adjusted and see if the noise goes.


Possible Issues Low probability - The oil in the forks is too high of a weight. 'Thicker' higher weight oil would make the forks seem very stiff. As your motorcycle is relatively new and more than likely came with forks assembled from the factory, this is probably not the case. Compression Dampening is too high - If you have a setting at the top of the ...


I don't have reputation so I cant comment. anyways, abs is a safety thing. it stops your wheel from locking when too much braking pressure is applied. Now, citing a scenario in the city when you are cruising at the main road nearing an intersection at a speed of 50kms when suddenly a car entered the intersection at high speed. you might be surprised of that ...

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