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I am trying to understand if or why electrical and hybrid cars always have automatic transmissions. As an answer pointed out, this is not always true. However, let me tell you more about the Toyota hybrids. In Toyota hybrids, the hybrid system IS the transmission. The hybrid system is a clever way of implementing an electric continuously variable ...


Note on the question itself... Not all hybrids have automatic transmission. The first generation Honda Insight, Honda Civic Hybrid, and Honda CR-Z were available with manual transmissions. For an interesting video tour of a Gen 1 Insight see: This Honda Gets 61 Miles Per Gallon.


I can relate a story from my own experience with my daughter's car. Turns out it had two bad ignition coils that caused the engine to misfire when it was raining. Did she stop when the check engine light came on? Nope! So the unburned fuel from the misfiring cylinders ends up in the catalytic converter. These things are designed to handle mostly burned ...

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