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I can relate a story from my own experience with my daughter's car. Turns out it had two bad ignition coils that caused the engine to misfire when it was raining. Did she stop when the check engine light came on? Nope! So the unburned fuel from the misfiring cylinders ends up in the catalytic converter. These things are designed to handle mostly burned ...


I'd bet a lot of money that that light indicates that the anti-theft system in the car is activated - meaning that the alarm will go off if someone tries to break in. This would explain why it's only activated when you're out of the car and the doors are locked. The light looks exactly the same as on my Jeep.


I'm not sure if you mean hybrid or plug-in-hybrid. That should have been specified. I have a 2016 Toyota RAV4 hybrid (standard hybrid, plug-in wasn't offered back then). My car powers everything including the power steering and windshield heater from the 12 volt battery, with these exceptions: Traction for motors is provided from the high-voltage battery, ...


I was really interested in the exceptional fuel average of hybrid cars and was considering to buy one as soon as I got my hands on some savings but I read somewhere that hybrids are better for city driving where you have to "stop and go" drive, they are not that efficient on long ranges. What do you mean by "that efficient"? Certainly ...

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