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Stinky AC is usually caused by mold buildup on the evaporator coil. Smells like sweaty gym socks. Some people say to spray Lysol into the HVAC system. That won't last. You really have to treat the source of the problem. Purchase a can of KOOL-IT and follow the directions. It injects through the AC drain tube and foams up the entire evaporator coil, killing ...


Spraying an antibacterial into the system will help a bit, but it's not the best way to correct the problem. But to answer your question, yes, remove the pollen filter first.


Two things come to mind: The cabin air filter is faulty and causing the noise. Something has fallen into the defroster vents and is now causing an issue. You can probably pull the fan out and take a look, but it will take a little digging to get to it. Something is interfering with it, that's for sure. The bottom of the blower motor looks something like ...


HandyHowie is correct, kinda sorta. When you want to understand, really understand automotive mechanics you gotta start with a close look in your wallet. The #1 reason for the Air Conditioning (A/C) compressor to condenser hose discharge port is to save the automotive company money. Look at that port carefully. Notice it's a whole lot larger in internal ...

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