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I depends on the specific car. But in some cases there are multiple grease fittings that should be greased periodically. In addition to your tie rod ends there are upper and lower ball joints, wheel bearings, u-joints, driveshaft slip joint, to name a few. In recent years auto manufacturers have started leaving out the grease fittings and calling the parts ...


You are a couple generations too late. Take it to a lube shop for initial grease. There was a time when cars required greasing about every 2000 miles , then you could use a grease gun, not with modern cars.


In a word: NO By the time there is looseness or roughness the damage is already done. The only thing left is eventual failure of the joint. As long as you are prepared to deal with that happening at the most inconvenient time (think late at night, it's raining, you're running late, etc.) then by all means, grease it and keep driving. If that's not OK with ...

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