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If you do a search for a 78DT battery as on the label on your battery, you will find that it is a dual terminal battery. It has 4 poles, but one of the top ones in your photo has a cap on it. If the cables on your vehicle will reach to the top poles of the existing battery, then you should be able to replace it with a ‘normal’ 2 pole battery with suitable ...


Yes, it is an accurate statement. The first troubleshooting step I do when diagnosing any issue which is in response to trouble codes is to clear the code and see if it comes back. If it doesn't come back, the issue was a "fleeting" issue, meaning to me as not something to really worry about. Along those lines, considering your truck is relatively new, the ...


If your tire is "shredded" as you describe, it is beyond repair. There is no way to put that tire back on your rim. Either use your spare tire on your car or use another vehicle to get the rim over to the tire shop, and buy a new tire.


You need to get a old fashion tire gauge, fill the tires to the required pressure and monitor the tire pressure. Determine which tires are actually causing the problem, check them daily. Once you get some information on them you can go back to the installer. You could have picked up a nail somewhere or you could have a bad sensor. good luck


You can rule out the trailer by jacking up one wheel (that has brakes) and applying 12V directly to the disconnected trailer plug pins. If the brakes are functional, the wheel should lock solidly. I doubt it's the trailer, but it's a fairly easy check. Does your controller have a manual lever? If so, does that work? Testing the controller may likely ...


From what you describe I am not sure you have bled it correctly. I suggest the following: Fill reservoir, Depress clutch pedal (person 2 or use a bar to block pedal down) Open bleed valve, close as soon as pressure goes, ( a pipe into a jar is good to keep area clean) Release pedal, wait 3 seconds then depress and hold again Repeat 3 and 4 as necessary ...


Your W5500 is produced by Isuzu and should be the same as their N-Series trucks. Here are the dash lights for a 2007 Isuzu N-Series:


I don't have specific experience with GMC Yukon or Chevrolet Tahoe hybrids, but I do know quite a bit about Toyota hybrids. Basically, the transmission is nearly indestructible, being based on an electric CVT approach. If you ever manage to destroy it, replacement of the transmission with its two integrated electric motors costs less than replacement of a ...


The battery is fine, reads 12.8 V. When you measure the voltage while the vehicle is off (no load on the battery), the voltage doesn't say much. The battery can be nearly empty and still show 12 V with no load. Try measuring the voltage while the lights are switched on. A few weeks ago, I tried to start it. All lights and radio came on but it wouldn'...

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