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Is Tom Ogle's 100+mpg engine actually feasible?

Looking at the market, VW has built the VW XL1 (EN, DE), a hybrid car with up to 260mpg. The german site says there was a test drive on the street where the car indeed consumed 0.89l diesel /100km, ...
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What sort of maintenance do GDI injectors need?

So, the IS350 actually utilizes both port and direct injection. This results in the IS350 having fewer carbon build-up problems than the IS250, which exclusively uses direct injection. The dealer/...
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Is Tom Ogle's 100+mpg engine actually feasible?

The claim is suspicious, to say the least. Replacing just the fuel injection system only allows you to do so much. A modern petrol engine has a peak efficiency of maybe 30% (and that's optimistic). ...
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Why are two stroke direct injection engines uncommon?

There are many reasons why they are not in cars, but i will write some. Emissions, in Europe we have EURO 6 emission standard, which manifacturers have big headache to deal with. In short, EURO 6 car ...
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Wrong injectors in 2 ports

Two of your cylinders will run rich due to more fuel being added than the ECU expects. This could cause numerous serious problems. For example - The catalytic converter will work harder to burn the ...
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Will dislodging carbon deposits harm the catalytic converter?

My understanding is the reason DI engines get carbon build-up on the intake valves is because the fuel (with it's detergent package) get sprayed directly into the cylinder, not on the back of the ...
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Tailpipe tip color analysis [PHOTO] What is the good tailpipe tip color?

A good colour is a light grey - I spent a lot of time tuning the jets on the carbs on my v8 to get the mixture just right...
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